Myth – Reduced Lanes

Google Street View has the ability to-go back in time and so we can use this to compare the current layout of Milngavie Rd to before the construction of Bears Way.


With Bears Way
With Bears Way (Google Street View)


Before Bears Way
Before Bears Way (Google Street View)

It’s readily apparent that the road layout prior to the construction of Bears Way was also a single carriageway, just as it is now. Hence there has been no loss of lanes.


2 thoughts on “Myth – Reduced Lanes

  1. Those complaining about ‘slaloming’ (zig-zag lanes) and ‘chevrons’ (hatched areas?) have short memories.
    Looking at the cars in that link, you can see that the ins and outs were always there!
    But the drivers minimised the slaloming: straightening it out as much as possible.

    ‘Sloppy slaloming’ would just take them onto the cycle lanes or hatching.
    If there was no cyclist that would be uneventful.
    Because the cycle-lane and cross-hatchings allowed them to straight-line it, they ceased even to notice that they existed !

    Now they need to follow the markings, not ignore them.
    I think they may now be going faster because it’s new (that’s a commonly-known effect), whereas they should be going slower if the slaloming lane is narrower, or closer to oncoming traffic, or beside bollards, or pedestrian crossings.
    The new layout may be less forgiving – demands more care.
    Before, bad driving would endanger cyclists : now it endangers the drivers themselves.
    Is that really grounds for complaint ?


  2. there is definitely a new slaloming effect – even as a careful driver myself. but what you will notice in your two photos above is its not great for us pedestrians and I regularly use that pavement. the cars are now right next to us. no protection. And also there is now a vast number of dumper trucks going through Milngavie – some maybe to cala – some I now think maybe going between the Douglasmuir Quarry and the M8 works in Lanarkshire – not directly anything to do with Bearsway at all but just adding to overall horrible busy roads.


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