Phase 2 Consultation

The Friends of Bears Way are very excited that the phase 2 plans are out! There are 3 options being considered:

  1. Shared use path on the east side
    2. Two-way segregated cycleway on the east side
    3. A combination of shared and segregated on the east side

We here at Friends of Bears Way are supporting the Two-way segragated cycleway (2), similar to what has been built in phase 1; it’s well known that shared use paths create conflict between pedestrians and cyclists, and only through physical separation can both user groups be catered for appropriately.

The following images show how the proposed segragated route will look.

Boclair Junction
Boclair Junction
Asda Junction

Consultations for the route are currently on-going with the next meeting at Wednesday 7 September, 7pm – 9pm in Milngavie Town Hall. Please come along to make your preference known.

There are also further information events to further information for the main public forum events:

Thursday 1 September, noon – 2pm
Saturday 3 September, 11am – 3pm
Wednesday 7 September, noon – 2pm


3 thoughts on “Phase 2 Consultation

  1. Your photos here of Bearsway 2 – in the one with Asda in view, you are missing out one lane – the absolutely essential right hand turn into Asda. And in the other picture you dont acknowledge that currently there is parking at the shops just after the junction – would that be going to fit in the double lane cycle path ?
    Do you have a link to the actual layout proposals for Bearsway 2 ?


    1. Sorry for the late response.

      Information on the layout proposals for the proposed routes can be found here:

      In the artist impression for the ASDA junction, there is still a right turn lane into ASDA (north bound). This can also be seen in their drawing cross-sections, here:

      I’m assuming you’re referring to the parking at Hillfoot, opposite the shops and petrol station. In the proposed option 4 the parking there would be removed for the bike path. If you look at the above link it’s detailed there.


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