Phase 2 Setback

The Friends of Bears Way are deeply disappointed by the result of the recent East Dumbartonshire Council meeting where Phase two was rejected 11 to 12.

At the last public consultation there were harrowing stories of the few cyclists who currently use the route and their dangerous interactions with motor traffic, which would have been largely solved through the protected infrastructure from phase 2; this will now continue with the risk of serious injury and death.

Bears Way also offered a long term solution to congestion on the A81; by building a safe route suited to all ages and abilities, more people can switch to bikes for local journeys and open up the road for those who really need to use their car.

The people of Milngavie and Bearsden are losing a transport choice. A complete Bears Way can provide a backbone for safe local routes by bike without fear of death from motor traffic. People could have a real alternative to their car and travel to Hillfoot station and their local shops. Children can’t use a car, do we really want to deny them their freedom to travel independently?




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