Advocacy Ride Massive Turnout!

Over 200 people turned out today to show their support for completing Bears Way! Friends of Bears Way were delighted to see such large support for finishing this important piece of infrastructure.


There were people of all ages involved from the elderly to families in cargo bikes and children on their own bikes, including those who walked the route.


The ride started along the existing cycle path where everyone enjoyed sunshine and the safe environment and quite a few passing cars honked their support! It was a positive atmosphere and it was clear to see how both people cycling and driving could travel smoothly along the road in harmony.

The brave continued along the potential phase two Bears Way bike path,


but many stopped short to avoid the hostile motor traffic environment beyond.


Friends of Bears Way would like to thank everyone who came along today and for signing the petition to over 2800 signatures. Your support will help pressure the council to continue with the Bears Way project that will give our children a better childhood by granting them transport independence.



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