Council Elections

The council elections are tomorrow and their outcome will have an impact on the future of a complete Bears Way. To help we’ve listed the position of the mainstream parties on Bears Way:

Party Explicitly supporting a finished Bears Way
Conservatives Uncertain
Labour Yes
Liberal Democrats No
Greens Yes

Many of the parties/people who oppose the completion of Bears Way still advocate active travel and state its importance. However, when tasked with implementing this vision they fail to state how this will be achieved, often citing vague statements of non-commitment. The construction of any infrastructure is a big commitment since it takes time, money and effort and it has the risk of not living up to expectations. But only through accepting these challenges and difficulties can we hope to try and build a future in which anyone of any age and ability can ride a bike.

Let’s elect a council that recognises the importance of good urban planning and is committed to the challenges of implementing a vision where everyone in society can enjoy car-free journeys.


2 thoughts on “Council Elections

    1. Initially there was a lack of support and commitment from the Greens that we found to be disappointing. One of the councillors who has been very supportive is Alan Moir, Labour.

      The article does not have the ringing commitment that we would like to see but one of their candidates came to POP and stated his commitment to seeing it completed:


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